Web Design Basics for Beginners

Web Design Basics for Beginners

In this blog, you will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about designing your very own website, either for your business or for personal use. All of the design basics and tools you will need are discussed at length right here in this blog. From various styles of fonts and colors, to graphics and photos, do you realize that these aspects can make or break your website? Website design is so important for bringing in the traffic to your site. Here are so vital questions you should be asking: What are fonts and why are there so many different types that may be used? What colors will work best for various types of websites? How can photos or graphics make a website more appealing and eye-catching? Don’t be confused by the lingo. These questions are answered in the article.

The Right Font

Did you know that the type of font you use can really make an impact on your website? With so many variations to choose from, you may be confused as to what fonts will be most useful and draw more people to your site. Learn all the basics right here.

Color Choices

When you design a website for your business or even for personal use, you’ll be using various colors or color combinations on every page of the site. Naturally, you won’t want to keep the pages white, because it’s bland and unattractive. Learn how colors can make a website come alive.

Photos and Graphics

Your website, either for business or for your own personal use, can speak volumes. Your site can say quite a lot about a product or service, or the company it represents. It also reflects the person who has created it. Learn how photos and graphics work together to provide a unique and appealing presentation.

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