How To Replace A Light Socket In A Lamp

If you have a lamp that you love, but it no longer works, the problem is almost certainly with the light socket itself. This is where the light bulb plugs into, and is often also where the on/off switch is located. Replacing a light socket is a fairly simple job, and one that you can do on your own if you want to save some money instead of hiring an electrician.

Preparing for the Job

You will need to purchase a new light socket—which can be found either online or in any hardware store. Make sure you get one that is the same size as the existing one in your lamp. Once you have the new socket, make sure to unplug the lamp and remove any light bulbs before moving on to the next step.

Removing the Old Light Socket

You can now remove the old light socket by grasping the lamp under the socket firmly, and twisting the socket counter-clockwise. Once it is loose, you can pull it up to expose the wires enclosed within the lamp. Don’t pull too far, however, as you don’t want the wires to be damaged. Locate where the wires are connected to the socket, and carefully remove them. They may be screwed in place, twisted in place or clamped in place. Depending on the socket, you may need a screwdriver in order to get the wires off. When the wires have been disconnected, make sure that you secure them so they don’t fall inside the lamp.

Installing a New Socket

Installing the new socket is an easy job. You simply need to hook up the wires properly. There will typically be two wires, one which is smooth and one with a ribbed coating. The smooth one will need to be attached to the brass connector in the light socket. The ribbed one goes to the silver connector. Secure them in place by either by wrapping them around the connector, clamping them down, or tightening the screw.

Once the wires are attached, feed any loose wire back into the lamp and then put the light socket into the lamp. Twist it clockwise to secure it in place, taking care not to over-tighten. Take a light bulb that you know works and screw it into the new light socket. You can now plug the lamp back in and turn it on. It should light up immediately. If it still doesn’t work, you may need an electrician, such as Meserve Electric, to check the wiring within the lamp itself. 

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