Keep Your Business Copiers Working With These 5 Tips

If you work in an office, you know how essential copy machines are to the day-to-day business of your company. However, copy machines cannot work forever, and when they stop working in the middle of the workday that can cause a problem. That’s why you need to do everything you can to extend the life of your copy machines, and ensure that they continue to work well. Here are five tips to help you keep your copiers running.

Clean the Machines

If you’re like most people, you probably just run paper through the copy machines without ever thinking about the fact that they need to be cleaned. It is imperative that you clean the glass regularly, but you can also run cleaner sheets through the copy machines as if they were paper, and that works as well. A clean machine is less likely to jam or have other problems.

Change Toner or Ink When First Notified

You may be used to seeing the ink or toner indicator light come on, and you have probably continued to copy papers anyway. After all, the ink kept working right? The truth is that even if your copier seems to be working fine except for the indicator light, you might still be causing damage to the drum by operating with such low toner or ink levels.

Don’t Keep Paper in the Tray

While it may be tempting to keep paper waiting for a time when you need to use the copy machine, don’t do it. Moisture and/or dust can collect on the paper and infiltrate the machine. Instead, store paper separately, preferably in the box or container it came in. Paper left in the tray can also warp due to the temperature, which can ultimately cause paper jams.

Avoid Leaving the Lid Up

Many offices keep their copy machines in a state of readiness, with the top up, waiting for paper. However, that is not the best idea if you want your copiers to work for a long time. Leaving the lid up allows dust to collect on the glass, which can affect the quality of your copies. Not only that, but the drum may suffer.

Use the Right Paper Stock

Don’t buy the cheapest paper in order to save money. To keep your copiers working well, you need to splurge for high-quality paper of the right stock. To determine which paper is the best for your copiers, consult the owner’s manual.

When you use the tips above, you will help your copiers to continue to function well. Have a contingency plan in case one machine malfunctions, but if you take the advice in this article, you should find that your copiers work better than ever. For more information about copiers, consult Bircham’s.

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