Troubleshooting A Red Or Blue Ipad Screen

Whether you’ve had your iPad for a day or years, if you’re experiencing the dreaded flickering red screen, don’t panic. While this problem is a nuisance, it generally doesn’t require a replacement or even sending your iPad in to Apple to have it fixed. This guide will explain the most common culprit of this problem, why it comes and goes, and what you can do about it.

Red Lines of Color

This particular problem can generally manifest in a few different ways. Your may have lines of red or blue across your screen, or the entire screen may be tinted in red or blue. You’ll be glad to know that this doesn’t mean your iPad’s screen is on the verge of death, nor does it mean that the entire unit needs to be replaced.

iPads sometimes have this problem if they’re bumped, dropped, or shaken, due to a faulty connection between the LCD screen and the tablet’s motherboard. When this connection is loose, it doesn’t properly transmit information to the screen, and only some colors are visible, like red. If the connection completely comes undone, the screen won’t display anything, even though the unit itself will power up.

Turn It Off and Pull the Battery

The shortest way to try and resolve this problem is to turn your iPad off, leave it alone, and then power it back on. While the power supply itself isn’t the problem, sometimes the simple action of shutting off the unit will jostle the connection back in place and cause your screen to work normally. While some users mention that dropping their iPad on purpose can fix the screen, this isn’t recommended, as you may damage other components or break the screen.

See a Technician

If the screen is still displaying red, or the problem recurs after going away for a while, you should see an iPad technician (like those at Wynn Win IT Solutions) to have it fixed. The good news is that all this generally requires is popping open the iPad’s internal storage compartment, and reconnecting the LCD screen with the motherboard, and soldering it back in place. In some instances, a new connector cable between the two may be necessary if the one the iPad currently has is defective or damaged. However, in any case, this repair is quick, easy, and generally inexpensive.

It’s easy to worry if your iPad is malfunctioning, since a replacement can cost a lot of money. Thankfully, while this is an irritating error, it’s easily fixed and won’t require you to wait for the manufacturer to mail your iPad back to you.

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