Four Ways To Safeguard Your Home Against Burglars

If you are like many home owners, you want to make sure that your house is safe from burglars. Here are some simple things you can do to make your home and family safer.  

Put Your Security Cameras in the Right Place

You may have decided to put security cameras around your property in order to monitor movement on your land and to have proof of wrongdoing if it happens. However, it is also important that you put your cameras in the right place.

For instance, about 34% of burglars get into your house by going through the front door so having a camera trained on that area is a good idea. You may want to put the camera right on the outside of your door, but keep in mind that a burglar can just knock out your camera if they are able to reach it. To prevent a problem, put your camera on a higher floor or in the house’s eaves. If you don’t have an upper floor, use mesh wiring to protect the camera. Contact a company like American Wireless Alarm Inc for more information on security cameras.

Use Motion-Activated Lights with Timers

When you are inside your home at night, you may not be able to tell if anyone is on your property until you see or hear them. However, when you install motion-activated lights, you’ll be alerted that someone is present and be better able to take action right away. Not only that, but any trespassers will be clearly seen on your security camera.

Even if you go away for a trip, your motion-activated lights can still help deter burglars. You just need to make sure that your lights run on a timer so anyone on your land will become startled by sudden light and think you are still at home.

Avoid Stashing Keys Outside Your House

If you are like many people, you might put an extra key outside your house somewhere so that if you or a family member loses their key, they can still get into your home. However, burglars know that many families do this and might look for that extra key so they can enter your house. Instead of leaving a key outside, give a key to a neighbor you trust or a relative who lives nearby. That way, they can provide you or a family member with a key when you need it.

Keep Shrubs and Trees Trimmed

You might have trees and shrubs on your property and might not realize that these plants can allow some cover for burglars. To deter burglars, keep your greenery trimmed and make sure that entryways are not hidden by leaves and branches so that they are clearly visible on your security camera.

Now that you have some ideas, use the information above to help you keep your home safe. Be sure to talk to a security camera provider and other security professionals to get more ideas about how you can safeguard your house. 

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