2 Different Kinds Of Car Window Tint Film

Not everyone wants light coming into their car. Or, they may want more privacy than clear glass can provide. They could also be concerned with the effect that the sunlight has on the interior of the car. The sun can fade out the cloth and leather trimming on the interior of the car. There is one thing that you can do that will solve all of these problems, and that is to have some tint added to your car window. 

Types of Car Window Tint 

There are different kinds of tint that you can choose to use on your car. They are all films that are applied to the windows. You can apply the film yourself, get it applied at the dealers or an auto body shop after purchase, or get the windows tinted at the factory before the car is delivered to you. 

Dyed Window Film

Dyed window film is probably the most common choice for people to use. This film has a dark dye that is attached to an adhesive. That adhesive is then stuck on the window to create the tinted window. Dyed window film comes in a variety of gradients so that you can choose how dark you want the window to be just choosing the right gradient. You can apply this film yourself, but it’s better to have a professional do it. That’s because you want the film to go on smoothly. If there is even the smallest bubble in the film, it can cause the film to pull away from the window over time. You will also have to have this kind of window tint redone after a few years because it will fade out. 

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window film is a new product. It is made up of a durable ceramic particle that is combined with an adhesive. The ceramic particles are able to be dyed so that they tint the windows. Ceramic window film tends to have a very long lifespan and doesn’t have the same fading issue that a dyed window film does. An added benefit is that it helps to make the windows more shatter-resistant, so it can help keep you safer. 

Before you get any window tint put on your car windows, you need to check with the laws of your city and your state. That’s because there may be laws about how dark your tint can be, and which windows may be covered. Click here to learn more about car window tinting.

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