Making A Home Theater Out Of Your Living Room? 3 Ways To Maximize Soundproofing

The living room is usually a place where your family gathers for all sorts of activities. But, if your entire family and collection of friends are full of film buffs, you may not use it for anything but watching movies. If your living room is not designed to provide everyone with the greatest cinema experience, you should consider remodeling the space to transform it into what you would expect from a home theater room. Cranking up the volume with a high-quality sound system is an easy way to immerse yourself into each movie, but you should also look into ways that you can maximize soundproofing for the entire room.

Get Well-Insulated Windows

A legitimate concern is sound leaking out of your home to the point of disturbing the neighbors. So, it must become a top priority to install well-insulated windows to replace your old ones. It is easy to make this happen by getting double-pane windows, which will provide you with anywhere from 28 to 32 sound transmission coefficient (STC), a number that determines how good a window is at blocking sound. It is possible to get even higher numbers, but that should depend on your budget and neighbor proximity.

Install Solid Core Doors

Hollow core doors are an easy choice for inside the house because they are inexpensive and serve the same purpose that a solid core door is able to accomplish. But, when turning your living room into a home theater, you will benefit from switching every single door that is attached to this room to solid core. The fact that wood solid core doors are 100% wood means you are going to get several inches worth of soundproofing. It may even be worth getting them for doors leading into bedrooms to keep them quiet all night long. This will prove to be helpful for when you have children who are sleeping while you are watching television. 

Add the Right Wall Insulation

One of the other major projects that you should undertake is adding insulation to the walls. But, you cannot just add any type and expect to see excellent soundproofing results. The two options that excel in this category are fiberglass and rock wool batts, so they should be what you take into consideration. The exterior walls deserve the most insulation to keep noise from leaving your home, but you will also want a considerable amount of insulation added if you have bedrooms close to the living room.

Proper soundproofing will allow you to fully enjoy movies in your living room without complaints. For more information, contact local professionals like Jackson Hole AV.

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