Tips For Keeping Your Mobile Phone Charged While Playing Pokémon Go

You might have heard of the game Pokémon Go. It requires you to have a smartphone and to download the app. Once you have met both of these requirements, you can go around and explore your physical world and be rewarded by being able to catch Pokémon. However, you might have noticed that the game drains your phone’s battery relatively quickly. This can be frustrating for you because it results it in being more difficult for you to catch Pokémon since you have to go back home to charge it every few hours. Here are some tips for keeping your mobile phone charged while playing the game.

1. Reduce the Amount of Power Your Phone is Using 

The first thing that you need to do is reduce the amount of power that your phone is using. This is helpful because it means that your phone will drain less quickly. To do this, first look at how you are using the game. If you are using the game’s AR mode, meaning that you are using the phone’s camera to see the Pokémon that you are catching in the real world, you are draining power more quickly. Turning off the game’s AR mode will have your phone using less of a charge but the game will still be playable.

Another way to conserve power is to turn off your WiFi. This is helpful because your phone is always using power to look for open WiFi spots and report them back to you. If you turn off the WiFi, the phone will no longer look for spots and therefore use less energy.

Finally, use Pokémon Go’s power-saving mode while you are walking around. This mode allows you to tilt your phone down to turn the screen off but still have the app running in the background. The app will still record the distance that you have traveled with regards to your egg-hatching and will vibrate every time a Pokémon spawns near you.

2. Map Your Routes

Another option is to map out your routes to areas that have phone charging stations. The best place to look for these are college campuses, specifically their libraries and popular restaurants. The reason for this is that schools know that students need to remain connected to their phones while sitting for a long period of time doing homework. All you have to do is commit to charging your phone every few hours by sitting in a charging station for a bit and you will be able to keep playing for a long time.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in charging stations. They might have mobile battery packs that you can buy and bring with you while you are playing Pokémon Go.

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