Tips on Securing Your Locks

If you are a company that has a lot of equipment, you might have a lot of buttons, switches, and other controls that should not be touched in order to make sure that everyone around the equipment stays safe. However, accidents happen, and someone might slip and fall on a push button or not notice that he or she is flipping the wrong switch. Here are some tips for securing your switches and push buttons so that they are only touched by people consciously.

1. Get Lockout Covers for Everything That Should Absolutely Not Be Touched

The first thing that you need to do is get lockout covers for all switches and push buttons that should absolutely not be touched. The reason for this is the lockout covers prevent both accidental and intentional uses of the push buttons and switches by people who are not supposed to actually be operating them. The lockout covers keep people from accidentally putting their hands in the area where they could operate the equipment and prevents a fall from causing someone to hit a button. They also have the option of being locked with a normal padlock, further increasing the overall level of security against people with malicious intent.

You can purchase clear lockout covers so that people can see where each switch and push button is even though they are covered. You can also purchase opaque covers to make your security a little bit stronger.

2. Make Sure Everything is Brightly Labeled

Make sure that all buttons and switches are brightly colored so that people take notice of them and actively work to make sure that they keep their hands away from the operating location. This will help decrease the chances that someone will actually push a button. This works best when the buttons are not at a level where people ordinarily are touching things. If they are at an easily reachable level, then you will need more security than just bright colors.

3. Require Confirmation

Finally, for certain buttons that are already hooked up to a computer system, you can require that a person types in his or her employee ID or some other form of identification before any action actually takes place. This will allow people to accidentally press buttons and flip switches without the consequences being immediate and will consciously engage anyone who tries to operate the equipment.

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