Control Your Newly Constructed Home With Your Phone

There are a lot of great new things that you may want to put in your new home when you start construction, but having a home electronic system that you can control from your phone is ideal. There are some common things you would expect to include, like a home security system, but you want to go beyond that. You want to be able to see what lights are on, no matter if you are home or away. Talk with an expert about getting the following controls in your home.

Appliance Controls

Control all the appliances in your home with your home technology system. This means you can detect if the refrigerator isn’t keeping items cold, you can get an alarm if furnace stops working properly, or you can see if you forgot to shut off your oven when you are away from home. Have every appliance in the home hooked up if possible.

HVAC Controls

With the home monitoring and control system, you want to have constant control of the HVAC system, and have the following features:

  • Temperature reading at all times
  • Ability to set timers on the system
  • Change temperature if needed
  • Get a humidity reading

You can see if the air conditioning isn’t working, and you can turn the unit up more if there is a day when it got hotter outside than you originally expected.

Lighting Timers and Controls

If you want the exterior lights to come on at a certain time every night, regardless of if you are home or away, you should be able to set this with the home control system. You should also be able to shut of the living room light if you are in your pajamas in bed, or turn the lights on before you go downstairs. The lights can even be set to fluctuate brightness with the amount of natural light in the room.

Talk with the home electronic person about having an intercom system, a phone system that connects the intercom with the cell phones in the house, video surveillance if you think you need it, and anything else that is on your list. A speaker system where you can play music throughout the entire house is another option that is popular in new homes, and you can hook this up with a theater room if you have one. Get estimates and find out which features are best for you. 

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