About Kathy Hall

Hi there everyone and welcome to my site! It’s awesome that you’ve decide to visit my newly created website and blog. I’m Kathy Hall and I’ve designed this website for the sole purpose of informing my readers how to design a website of their own. We’ll be discussing the basics of web design. This includes aspects such as font styles, colors, photos and graphics. These all work together to provide a unique presentation.

If you’ve never designed or created your own website before, please don’t be worried. While it may be a bit intimating at first, once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite easy. The great thing is, there are templates and web design tools and programs available to help you along the way. You’re going to need to know a little about things such as fonts, colors and photos, and how these work together to make your website special. It’s all about bringing traffic to your site after all, isn’t it?

I need to mention, I’m not a graphic designer for the web or anything so impressive. I own my own small business and I work from home. However, I have learned quite a bit about web design because I’ve designed a business website, and I’ve been successful. I must be doing something right, because my website brings in new traffic and potential customers every day. So anyway, I want to share my tips and offer a bit of advice to all those just beginning to take the plunge into website creating. I hope you’ll find my blog informative and useful. Thanks for stopping by.